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About Us

Celebrating our 40th year in 2010.

We were the first ALL CLOTH car wash in Cleveland, Ohio.

Carriage Auto Wash cares for your vehicle buy using the finest soft cloth equipment in conjunction with the finest wash solutions available. We spare no expense when it comes to the soaps and waxes applied to your vehicle. Rain-X and Simoniz are just a few you'll recognize. Our touchless, high volume warm air dryer is simply the best and safest method of drying a vehicle. Yes, even superior to hand towel drying... Our success and many loyal customers is a direct result of our mission and goal. We strive to provide the most consistent quality auto wash in the most convenient, efficient and friendliest manner. Why wash at home? Washing with us is quicker, more convenient and simply more fun!

Our Process

Professional auto washing is the only way you can properly protect and preserve your car's finish. Our specialized equipment is specifically designed to attack and clean those areas where rust and corrosion begin, areas that you cannot sufficiently clean at home. Professional auto washes like us use high volume water and solution applicators set to a specific angle of attack. This, along with soft gentle cloth loosens and lifts dirt and grime. High volume rain arch rinse technology then flushes loosened grime and dirt from the entire vehicle as well as rocker panels, wheel wells and door jambs. Finally, our seven high volume warm air touch free dryers completely dry your vehicle. The advantage of this drying system is to not only thoroughly dry the vehicle's surface, but its ability to blast water from behind moldings, out of door jambs and any other crack or crevice.

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